Success Stories

Delivery Driver Turned Business Owner!

Feeling he was going nowhere, Jim Crossland was craving a challenge. And with no experience in the industry, it was the total back-up and support offered by Dent Wizard Ventures that gave Jim the confidence to take the step into self-employment.

“When I came to the Discovery Day, the company was professional, friendly and welcoming, and I knew straight away that I wanted this challenge,” says Jim, formerly a delivery driver for 10 years.

“The training was superb and the Accounts Support is invaluable. After 2 years as my own boss, I have never had to chase my clients for payment; Head Office does all this for me.”

Jim has so far taken the decision not to employ anybody else and after just 2 years is still turning over an impressive £60,000 a year with a 75-25% split across trade and private clients.

The Dent Wizard Ventures brand is very well known. And as a part of the largest vehicle repairer in the world, you will enjoy opportunities otherwise unobtainable to new start-ups. “Leads from head office are increasing month on month and landing these new accounts is very rewarding.”

As a Franchise owner you are your own boss. It is up to you how quickly you want to grow your business and you decide if and when you want to take on extra staff. The sky is the limit.

Jim Crossland
Telford Wheel Wizard