Success Stories & Testimonials

Earning Potential

We will be here to help you take your business to where you want it to be. And with potential turnover well in excess of £800,000, the sky really is the limit.

You too could be one of our many franchisees turning over £40,000 every month. Or you might have serious ambition and be aiming for the top spot of £70,000. Either way, with a market of 2 billion customers out there, your ambitions really can be realised.

Elton Cani

I’ve been a Dent Wizard franchisee since Oct 2014 and love everyday of it. Starting your own business isn’t easy nor cheap. However, picking the right franchise, working hard, and having great support makes it worthwhile. The team are great, from office support, to training and management. I’ve felt part of something special from the […]

Jim Crossland

The training was superb and the accounts support is invaluable. After 6 years as my own boss I have never had to chase my clients for payment, Head Office does all this for me. It’s your own business with no limits on how big you become, you’re not tied into buying products from the franchise […]

Andy Harvey & Ben Sharp

In 7 years, we have grown to a team with 24 technicians. We have managed this growth through personal website leads provided and head office support. It’s onwards and upwards for us. Andy Harvey & Ben Sharp Dent Wizard, Wheel Wizard & Flying Colours, Essex

Nelson Rodriguez

Six years ago, I joined the Dent Wizard Team as a North West London Franchisee. Today, I am so pleased I made the right decision. Dent Wizard’s experience in the Smart Repairs business provides me the help I needed to succeed. Thank you Nelson Rodriguez Dent Wizard, Flying Colours & Wheel Wizard, Watford